Games will be available for £8.99 during the first week

Nintendo has announced that Wii games will be available to purchase on the Wii U from today.

The Japanese games company said that users will be able to download the games from its last console during its Nintendo Direct European Broadcast on Wednesday.

The first game available for purchase is Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is out today. Punch-Out!! and Metroid Prime: Trilogy will be available for purchase on 22 January and 29 January respectively.

Each game will be introduced with a sale price of £8.99 during its first week of availability, and £17.99 thereafter.

Gamers will be able to buy Wii games and download them directly to their Wii U Home Menus via the Nintendo eShop. Up until now, Wii U users have only been able to play Wii games by using Wii discs and through hardware emulation.