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Wolfenstein: The New Order


PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC (£59.99) 

Set in an alternate version of the 1960s where the technologically advanced Nazi war machine controls the world, Wolfenstein (above) has all the B-movie trappings of a romp. Despite an inconsistent tone, these issues fail to derail an entertaining and generous campaign. The game's cover system, stealth mechanics and satisfying gunplay coalesce with smart level design in a variety of extraordinary environments. While some may bemoan the lack of multiplayer, this accomplished debut from Swedish developer MachineGames proves you can teach an old wolf new tricks.

Oliver Cragg

Sports Friends


PS3, PS4 (£11.99)

For a while multiplayer has been focused online, but Sports Friends recalls a simpler time of local multiplayer and party games. Only playable with other people in the room with you, this is a collection of four innovative multiplayer games. Three of the games are variations on getting a ball in a net. The fourth requires you to disturb opponents' Move controllers without disturbing your own, all to a Bach soundtrack. The collection offers great value for money – and hours of fun when played with friends.

Jack Fleming

Thomas Was Alone


iPad (£5.99)

Fitting shapes into spaces sounds like child's play, but this stripped-back platformer will flex the imagination of serious adults. The characters are a simple selection of shapes, each with their own skill. Every level contains puzzles and sprinkles of narration, which tells the story of how the characters relate and how they must help each other out – marvellously, you build an affection for each little shape. Not challenging, but wonderfully unique.

Laura Davis