Xbox One: Twitch delayed by Microsoft, dropping live-streaming gameplay on launch

Streaming live gameplay footage will be a key aspect of social content on the latest generation of consoles

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Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One won’t be offering live-streaming of games until “the first part of 2014”.

The Xbox team have said that they are “working to ensure the initial Twitch on Xbox One broadcasting experience meets the expectations of the Twitch community,” and because of this the “feature won’t be available right away”.

This is in contrast to Sony’s PS4, which already supports Twitch in the US and will offer the same in Europe following its launch on the 29th. Sony has also made the feature available to all customers whilst Microsoft has reserved it for paying Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Both consoles will use the video streaming service to offer similar functionality, although only on the Xbox One will gamers be able to view the full catalogue of material hosted on Twitch. Both consoles will allow players to record and edit footage of their games and live-stream sessions to audiences on consoles.

However, the Xbox One will work out the box with Microsoft's cloud storage service SkyDrive. This means that users who record footage on their console can then export it to a PC for more advanced video editing, or send it over to YouTube.

Whilst this is likely to dissuade any casual gamers from getting involved in recording and exporting footage of their games, it means that established streamers won't be held back.

When the Twitch app launches in full it will allow Xbox One users to browse the site's full catalogue of videos and streams.