Classic Zelda character Guru-Guru / Nintendo

Nintendo dropped a two-minute trailer for the game

Nintendo has announced that classic N64 Legend of Zelda game Majora's Mask is to be remade for Nintendo 3DS, revisiting the "intense and scary memories" of the original.

The notoriously surreal and challenging instalment was a hit on the N64 though many missed out on it as it required an expansion pack.

You can catch up on an important chapter in Zelda history when the revamped version is released in Spring 2015 however, with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata making the announcement through Nintendo Direct last night.

"This dark departure from the Zelda formula must have left some intense and scary memories in player's minds," he said. "As we worked on the remade version, we set out to maintain the original level of challenge while keeping the game accessible for anyone."

There are no specific details of what will be changed from the original, though a trailer was released showing (slightly) improved graphics and revisiting some old favourite characters.

Nintendo is fond of improving on its existing Zelda games, having previously given The Wind Waker a beautiful new look on the Wii U.