Microsoft Game Studios and Gears of War developer Epic Games are to deploy a special Gears of War Triple Pack on February 15, containing the first two games in the series and access to a bundle of extra content for GoW 2 at a budget price of $29 (Euro pricing to be confirmed).

That makes February a busy month for Epic Games, which has also overseen the development of the brash and bawdy Bulletstorm, out February 22.

It's part of the campaign to prepare Xbox 360 owners for Gears of War 3, a game that was first due in April 2011 but has now been moved towards a prime-time autumn release.

That could put Epic up against rival games powerhouse id Software, creator of the Doom and Quake series, which is to unleash its own action-oriented RAGE on September 13.

The two companies have both successfully invested in developing not only games but also development tools that can be licensed out to other companies and groups - Epic with the Unreal Engine and id Software with id Tech.