Black Ops takes the number one spot on YouTube's gaming chart for the week on February 3 for the second time in a row, but this time with a full trailer for the First Strike multiplayer maps instead of the preview teaser video.

Fan film Fallout: Nuka Break pays homage to the world of Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, while fighting series Mortal Kombat attempts to regain its controversial reputation with a bone-crunching developer diary.

Top on China's Tudou site is the first episode in a new season of I'm MT, a Chinese World of Warcraft cartoon. It's a cult animated series presented in a signature cel-shaded style, with unofficial translators doing their best to release subtitled versions for international fans.

NicoVideo in Japan has as its most viewed clip of the week a compiliation of glitches and bugs found in some of 2006/7's most popular titles: FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, Oblivion, BioShock, Crysis, Halo 3 and Modern Warfare, to name a few.

Also featuring in Nicovideo's chart are a rip of the Next Generation Portable presentation, complete with Monster Hunter 3rd demonstration, and a playthrough of the Japan-only video board game Momotaro Dentetsu 15 (PS2/Wii).

French website is using Dailymotion to host a short clip that precedes its web TV shows, hence the clip's sudden appearance in the Dailymotion top three.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week (total views)
1) Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike Trailer (1,621,657)
2) Fallout: Nuka Break - Fan Film (587,022)
3) Mortal Kombat: Brutal X-Ray Action Highlights (635,268)

Tudou's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) I'm MT Series 4 Episode 1 (433,660)
2) Best of 2010 - Pm.Bly vs n!.EnTe (Warcraft III) (156,189)
3) Sometimes luck is most important - Tyloo.TH000 vs Ehome.Fly (112,359)

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Millenium TV channel identifier (1,051,751)
2) Arsenal v Everton highlights (55,498)
3) Urban Rivals Trailer (6,588,555)

Nicovideo's most watched gaming videos of the week ( requires free registration)
1) The funniest video games glitches/bugs (983,055)
2) The PSP successor "Next Generation Portable" real-time demo (282,687)
3) Momotaro Dentetsu 15 Part 31 (224,031)