Popular commentator SeaNanners talks tattoo choices over a Black Ops replay, characters from Japanese manga Slam Dunk are seen within the game NBA 2K9, and cars and bullets fly in Grand Theft Auto IV in the world's most popular gaming videos of the week on January 20.

One hot tweak for the PC version of GTA IV involves changing vehicle properties so that, given the slightest nudge, they hurtle around Liberty City with comical casualties aplenty. That crashes into second place on YouTube's chart.

The gaming chart on China's Youku follows Slam Dunk with a tutorial for Defense of the Ancients and a commercial for popular online game Dungeon Fighter (aka DNF).

The Trashmaster, a feature-length film made entirely from Grand Theft Auto IV footage, remains popular on French video service Dailymotion.

Japan's Nicovideo chart prooves that the Monster Hunter Portable 3rd juggernaut rumbles on, though on this occasion it's PlayStation One game Irritating Stick - a variation on a buzz wire toy - that's in first.

YouTube's most watched gaming videos of the week (total views)
1) Black Ops: TDM 49-0 + Tattoos (717,470)
2) GTA 4 Carmageddon - 2! (556,823)
3) Gran Turismo 5 Official Nurburgring Reality Check (334,250)

Youku's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) Slam Dunk manga finale (NBA 2K9) (1,066,953)
2) DOTA class: Obsidian Destroyer tips (517,998)
3) ' Dungeon Fighter advert: Wen Jianting - Sharpshooter' (429,062)

Nicovideo's most watched gaming videos of the week ( requires free registration)
1) Irritating Stick final level (cheat) (347,382)
2) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd giant cheat (removed by Nicovideo) (282,450)
3) Monster Hunter Portable 3rd walkthrough tips (247,455)

Dailymotion's most watched gaming videos of the week
1) The Trashmaster (new version) (601,971)
2) Millenium TV (Worcruft Apocalysme) (814,571)
3) Urban Rivals Trailer (6,488,657)