Because sellotaping bank-notes on the sides was deemed 'too subtle'

The Xbox One and PS4 may have been out since before last Christmas but you’d have to save until at least December 25th next year to afford these versions of the console. Why? Because they’re made out of gold.

Well, not ‘made out of’ so much as ‘encased in’ – the rose gold Xbox One and PS4 cost a massive £8,448 ($13,699) apiece and are the product of Italian company Gatti Luxury Labs.

They were unveiled during a games convention in Dubai and come with more than 220 grams of 9 karat gold (there’s actual 6 grams more on the PS4 than the Xbox One).

“Available to both Xbox and PS4 fans, the high-end materials and exquisite detailing of the gold consoles make it a great collectible item for gamers who love luxury,” Nadeem Khanzadah, the head of retail at Jumbo Electronics – where the consoles are being sold - told Emirates 24/7.