Gold-plated Xbox One on sale for £6000


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The Xbox One has sold out in most stores in the UK and unless you’ve pre-ordered Microsoft’s latest console, the chances are you won’t be getting one for Christmas.

That is, unless, you’re willing to shell out a few extra bob: London department store Harrods is currently offering a gold-plated Xbox One for just £6,000. The item was spotted by Reddit user SirShyn.

The console, identical in terms of hardware to the £429 non-gold version sold elsewhere, has been covered in 24ct gold-plating, although this styling doesn’t extend to the controller.

The customization was provided courtesy of Crystal Rocked, a company that sells a range of gold- and Swarovski crystal-covered consumer electronics for their presumably well-adjusted and sane clientele.

The items for sale on their online store include a gold plated iPad 2 for £1,449 and an iPad Mini with Retina display covered in Swarovski cut glass ‘crystals’ for £1,459.

However, this steep price is for the 128GB version of the tablet and for customers on a budget the 16GB version is also available for just £1,149.