Google beats Apple and Facebook in poll of America's favourite tech firms

Apple shows a dip in popularity among under-30s

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Google has beaten off its main rivals in a poll to find America's most popular tech giant.

The phone survey shows that 83 per cent of American adults have a "favourable" view of the web behemoth, compared with 72 per cent for Apple and only 60 per cent for Facebook.

The poll, commissioned by the Washington Post and ABC News, shows similar results to last year's, in which Google scored 82 per cent favourable.

Google has fairly strong ratings across all age and ethnic groups as well as income levels. Its lowest estimation comes among those over 65, who gave the company a 64 per cent favourable rating.

Apple’s standing among under-30s has dropped significantly from last year, with the iPad maker's favourable rating slipping from 81 per cent to 71 per cent in a year for that group.

The survey - published by The Washington Post - was conducted from May 29 to June 2, among a random national sample of 1,007 adults.