Google’s NFC-based payment system will go live on September 19 reports technology blog TechCrunch.

The September 19 launch date rumor stems from an internal document that was reportedly sent out to Google’s partners and subsequently leaked to TechCrunch.

According to the document, Google Wallet will initially be limited to Nexus S 4G Android phone owners on the Sprint network in the US who have a PayPass enabled Citi MarsterCard or Google prepaid MasterCard.

Google Wallet is a mobile app that uses near field communication (NFC) and location-based services (LBS) to enable mobile owners to pay for goods and services using their smartphone.

On September 14 PayPal gave the world a sneak peek at its next-generation payment technologies which will include mobile and tablet apps, in-store barcode scanning, and flexible point-of-sale payment technology.

A video featuring PayPal’s vision of "The Future of Shopping" which can be viewed here:

The Google Wallet announcement is expected to be made by MasterCard during the NFC World Congress event in Sophia Antipolis, France which runs from September 19 to 21.