A wedding in China took a turn for the worst when a man purporting to be the groom's boyfriend arrived at the party to stake his claim on the bride's husband. A video of the event has gone viral on YouTube, attracting nearly half-a-million views. 


The video titled " Chinese Bride Discovers Groom Is Gay When His Boyfriend Crashes The Wedding" was uploaded to YouTube on June 14 and as of June 16 had been viewed more than 450,000 times.

The footage, uploaded by ChinaSMACK - a YouTube channel focusing on China - shows a bride, her groom and another man arguing, and is accompanied by an interactive translation provided by ChinaSMACK (click on the "Interactive Transcript" button). 

The bride demands an explanation as to who the guest is, a fact that the groom struggles to explain. The argument between the three then grows increasingly heated and ends with the two men fleeing with the enraged bride following close behind.

The video is currently ranked sixth on YouTube's "most watched today" chart ; YouTube statistics show that the video is most popular with men aged 25-45 living in Australia and North America.

The full video is available to watch at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Km98UzdRIkY