GTA 5 Online's 'Content Creator' feature leaked ahead of launch

Publishers Rockstar have promised that the feature will allow gamers to create their own custom Deathmatch maps and tracks for racing

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A group of ‘enthusiastic’ Grand Theft Auto 5 fans have managed to gain access to the game’s online Content Creator mode ahead of the feature’s official launch.

LiveUnknownHacks, the group responsible, have a history in this sort of activity, previously extracting audio files from the game that hinted at the possibility of a casino heist expansion mission.

A series of short videos uploaded to YouTube show off parts of the Content Creator, confirming what Rockstar has already told fans about the free feature.

Players will be able to create their own Deathmatch scenarios, customizing elements such as what types of weapons are available, or map out their own courses for the Race mode. Rockstar has previously hinted that custom missions will also be possible, though the leaked videos do not confirm this.

Gaming sites have also pointed out that although the video looks legitimate (inasmuch as a leaked video can) there’s no way of knowing whether this was just experimental data left on the CD, or an actual preview of the eventual feature.