On March 30, YouTube is buzzing with images of regular poster FPSRussia destroying watermelons and killing fish with two automatic machine guns.


The video, titled " Dual Wielding MI6's," has, as of 3pm GMT March 31, attracted 1,460,458 views since it was uploaded on March 29.

The destructive video features the YouTube member firing two automatic US army-issue machine guns - M16s - into a variety of targets including watermelons, steel piping and a river - in the hopes of catching fish.

The million-plus views the video has received have propelled it straight to the top of YouTube's daily "most viewed" charts.  

The YouTube user, FPSRussia, features regularly on YouTube and is well known for his love of firepower. Though FPS Russia is allegedly originally from Russia, some YouTube users have, in the past, raised questions over the authenticity of his accent.

Other gun-related video from FPSRussia such as " Ultimate Xbox destruction" and " Dual Wielding Mac-10's" also appear on this YouTube most watched chart this week, in sixth at 23rd place, respectively.

The full video "Dual Wielding M16's" can be viewed at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pRDwWFEJVfo