The Harry Potter Facebook page gained new fans in the build-up to the premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2, and the international release of the film on July 13 won the site more new fans over the past week than any other Facebook page. French couture house Dior was also popular on the social networking site, as was singer Rihanna, who now has more fans than Lady Gaga. 

Following the July 13 international release of the final installment in the hugely successful Harry Potter franchise, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the movie's Facebook page has gained over one million new fans.   

Data from social media analysts Famecount shows that over the seven days prior to July 19 the Harry Potter Facebook page attracted 1,207,531 fans. Currently the page has 29,802,135 fans and is the most popular page on the social networking site in the category of "films."

The second most popular Facebook page this week, in terms of increase in fans, belonged to French fashion house Dior, which until recently was the home of controversial British designer John Galliano. Over the past week Dior has promoted its Collection Privée of niche fragrances with a series of posts on the company's Facebook wall. One of these posts, showing ten images of the collection and uploaded on July 15, has, to date, attracted over 32,000 "likes" and 1,400 comments alone.

The third most popular Facebook page this week belonged to pop singer Rihanna, who gained 696,274 fans over the past week. The singer is experiencing a recent surge in online popularity, having overtaken Lady Gaga in terms of Facebook friends on July 14. The singer is now the second most popular person living or dead on Facebook; first place belongs to rapper Eminem.   

As of July 19, the top five Facebook pages with the largest increase in number of fans over the past seven days according to are:

1.    Harry Potter (+1,207,531 fans )
2.    Dior (+ 886,698 fans)
3.    Rihanna (+696,274 fans)
4.    Katy Perry (+650,315 fans)
5.    Jesus Daily (+609,552 fans)