Having a hard time keeping up with all of Google's new projects? Don't worry, so is Google

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With hundreds of new products, features and projects released every year, Google is one of the most prolific companies on the web.

While it's great for business and for the consumers reaping the benefits of these new features, it's often difficult to keep track of all the company's new projects; Google has over 100 blogs on which it announces its products, policy issues, technical projects and new features.

To help consumers find out about things like ocean layer content on Google Earth for iPhone, using your mobile to keep your documents safe, voice search, tracking your health statistics and putting on Google Goggles, the company has launched a webpage called Google New.

"A few of us had a 20 percent project idea: create a single destination called Google New where people could find the latest product and feature launches from Google," writes Ji Lee, Google Creative Lab in a September 22 blog post.  

"It's designed to pull in just those posts from various blogs. We hope it helps you find something useful you've never tried before."