Hot topics in the tech blogs for the week ending December 10 include the unveiling of Google's Chrome Netbook, Chrome operating system and launch of the Chrome application store, Google shows off its Nexus S smartphone, Facebook makes changes to users' profile pages, Google launches open e-book store, Facebook and Twitter shut down accounts related to WikiLeaks' "cablegate" releases.

Google Chrome Netbook, Chrome OS and Web Store
Google had a big week of announcements this week, showing off the first notebook to run on its Chrome operating system (OS) the Cr-48, revealing further details about the OS and opening a new web-based application store for Chrome. Later in the week reviews of the Cr-48 started to pop up with reviewers commenting, "our favorite part of the Cr-48 probably happens to be the one true inessential element: the design."

Google Nexus S smartphone
Google unveiled its Nexus S smartphone, the successor to the company's first in-house developed handset, the Nexus One, and also the first device to run on the next version of the Android operating system, Gingerbread. Bloggers posted their hands on reviews of the device saying, "If you are an iPhone user this isn't going to make you switch. If you're an Android user you will want this phone more than any other."

Facebook profile page changes
Facebook unveiled new-look user profile pages that make it easier for social networkers to share their interests and data with friends. The additions of small, tiled photos and "vital stats" at the top of the profile page had bloggers asking, "If you can list your jobs, key projects and work connections on Facebook does that minimize the importance of LinkedIn?"

Google eBooks
Google opened a universal e-book store called Google eBooks. With more than 3 million titles, Google eBooks is the largest e-books collection in the world. It is an open store, meaning that people with laptops, netbooks, tablets, smartphones and e-readers can all access the content (providing they have access to the web). A couple of days later Amazon announced it was making their Kindle e-books available for web-based reading from any web browser.

Facebook, Twitter and WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks continues to be a major source of news for blogs around the world. The most pertinent topic of discussion surrounding the WikiLeaks cables this week is why Facebook and Twitter are suspending the accounts of activists who support WikiLeaks. Other headlines on the subject include "Military Bans Disks, Threatens Courts-Martial to Stop New Leaks," "Amazon Explains Why It's Okay to Sell Books About the WikiLeaks Stuff It Won't Host," "Hackers supporting WikiLeaks target Visa" and "Why Wikileaks Will Never Be Closed Or Blocked."