Fans of social networking site Facebook can stay up to date with the latest information streamed straight from the company's f8 Developers conference.

During the April 21 conference Facebook developers and entrepreneurs will discuss and collaborate on "the future of personalized and social technologies." Topics such as business growth strategies, new tools and techniques and open technologies will be on the agenda at this year's event.

How to watch the conference via the web:

Facebook has set up an official live stream with footage of the keynote and sessions available for free via the web. Head to the "f8 LIVE" tab on the Facebook f8 Page located at:

If you have a personal website or blog and would like to embed the live widget, detailed instructions are available here:

Highlights from the conference include the Keynote and Opening Remarks by Facebook CEO and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Director of Product, Bret Taylor (10 AM PDT); Breakout sessions (12:30 PM till 4:15 PM PDT); and the Closing Remarks with Facebook's Vice President of Product, Chris Cox and Director of Developer Network, Ethan Beard ( from 4:30 PM PDT).

The f8 Facebook conference will be held at The Concourse at San Francisco Design Center on Wednesday, April 21 from 10 AM until 5 PM PDT.