One of the Battlefield series' best-loved locations, Wake Island, is coming to Battlefield Heroes in July as part of the free PC game's birthday celebrations.

A horse-shoe shape ensures players are never far from the action, with a generous number of tanks and planes sprinkled around and about various base camps.

It's a location that has been featured in five previous Battlefield games, though not quite as brightly colored as in Heroes' cartoon caricature landscape, and has been promised for October's Battlefield 3 as part of a pre-order promotion.

Both Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are recruiting more real-world locations for their late 2011 excursions.

Together they share New York and Paris, while Battlefield 3 has revealed Sulaymaniyah, Iraq and Tehran, Iran and Modern Warfare 3 trailers show London, England and Berlin, Germany.