Battlestar Galactica's online foray is set to launch at some point before March and when it does, it'll feature Cylon Basestars, Raiders, and Vipers in combat, as well as the Battlestar Galactica itself.

One of the game's big selling points, says its publisher BigPoint, is that it can be played entirely within a web browser.

That's something that could make the latest trailer especially interesting: it's been constructed entirely from in-game footage.

EVE Online has established itself as one of the foremost online games set in space, with 2010's Star Trek Online taking a similar route in leveraging a sci-fi series' pull.

Gaikai is another company keen to get browser-based gaming off the ground, while OnLive has already opened up a similar service to the public - both use cloud technology to take the weight of player's laptop and desktop computers.

The trailer can be seen on, and the official website is