Indie Game: The Movie, a film about the stars of lo-fi, high-pressure independent video game development, is nearing completion, with the creators of Super Meat Boy, Braid, and Fez put under the spotlight.

Both Braid and Super Meat Boy became critical and commercial successes, but not without significant sacrifice from their developers.

Fez, too, has received significant industry attention, recognized by the prestigious Independent Games Festival just as Braid and Super Meat Boy have been.

The difference is that Fez is not yet released; in development since 2007, it was only given its first public playtest at the PAX East festival in March 2011.

Along the way, IG:TM's team visited Derek Yu (editor of game creation site TIGSource), game artist Jason Rohrer, developer and podcast host Alec Holowka, ThatGameCompany's Jenova Chen, and World of Goo programmer Ron Carmel.

The movie trailer accompanies an appeal for help with funding as a projected August release draws closer.

IG:TM's makers are asking for $35,000 to cover post-production costs. They've set a short deadline, Saturday July 23, with donation options ranging from $1 to over $5,000.

That may seem like a big ask, but 10 hours after announcing the new fundraising drive, $15,000 had already been pledged.