The two week Indies Games Summer Uprising starts Monday, August 22, starring ten games picked by pros and fans alike on the Xbox 360's indie channel.

Shooters, slashers, role playing adventures and puzzle games are all in there, and even a light-hearted railway simulator for the Minecraft generation.

Eight were handpicked by a panel of seasoned game developers, with the final two chosen via fan vote.

Ranging in price from $1 to $3 (70p-£2 or 90¢-€2.80), the count among them the striking Speedrunner HD, which has made it to the finals of Microsoft's Dream Build Play contest this year.

Organized by developers themselves, the Indie Games Summer Uprising aims to showcase some of the download store's best wares, demonstrating the wide range of high quality titles on offer.

Indie Games Summer Uprising
August 22: Raventhorne
Hack and slash action-adventure set in Conan's nightmare world, 240 MSP ($3/£2/€2.80)

August 23: Battle High: San Bruno
Uppercuts and special moves for 1-2 players, 80 MSP ($1/69p/90¢)

August 24: Cute Things Dying Violently
Puzzle platformer of many buzz-saws and electrified death-traps, 80 MSP

August 25: T.E.C. 3001
Super-fast sprinting through a robotic future, 240 MSP

August 26: Doom and Destiny
Beautiful graphics and bizarre Noodle Gods in this role-playing adventure, 240 MSP

August 29: Take Arms
1-8 players shoot each other online in a 2D take on Call of Duty, 240 MSP

August 30: SpeedRunner HD
Use grappling hooks, missiles and bombs to flee huge monsters across collapsing platforms, 240 MSP

August 31: Train Frontier Express
Create and share tracks and traffic for online fun and occasional railroad wrecks, 240 MSP

September 1: Chester
Busy platformer won fan vote, top soundtrack and wide variety of art styles, 240 MSP

September 2: Redd: The Lost Temple
Top-down homage to Indiana Jones and the Temple of Old-School Action Games, 240 MSP