Initial reaction to Facebook video reveals extent of split over Timeline features

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The initial reaction to a video uploaded to YouTube by Facebook outlining the site's new Timeline feature suggests Facebook users are divided over the new changes. 

The new Timeline feature, among other additions, was announced at Facebook's F8 Developers Conference. Essentially the feature compiles a chronological history of everything you have shared on Facebook and automatically adds photos, statuses and life events.

The announcement has led to related Twitter trending topics around the world and numerous discussions both for and against in a range of traditional and contemporary media outlets.

To explain the new feature, which Facebook stated will one day replace the current profiles, the company uploaded a video to YouTube entitled "Introducing Timeline - A New Kind of Profile."

Within 24 hours after being uploaded on September 22 the video has been viewed over 308,000 times. However YouTube's ‘like' button, created by Facebook, reveals a split among viewers: 1,261 people choose to ‘like' it while 735 felt the opposite.

Statistics from YouTube show that the keynote speech at the F8 conference is currently one of the ten most shared videos throughout the United States, Australia and the UK.

Watch the Timeline video: