iPhone 6 bending: how do handsets from HTC, Motorola and Nokia stand up to the test?

Apple say that they've received only nine actual complaints of the iPhone 6 Plus bending - but YouTube user Unbox Therapy says it's still the worst

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Reports this week that Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus has been bending in peoples’ pockets have caused a scandal, with Apple-haters leaping at a chance to attack the company while other point out that that yes, if you try to bend a piece of metal really hard then it will bend.

The problem is no one really knows how unusual this behaviour really is.

It’s been pointed out that the iPhone is hardly the first smartphone to be hit by these sorts of claims (devices made by HTC and Sony have attracted similar complaints) but it seems Apple’s famous ‘reality distortion field’ is working against them: people simply expect more from the company, they expect perfection.

Uri Geller Bends The iPhone 6

Now, YouTube user Unbox Therapy (who sacrificed his own iPhone 6 Plus earlier this week to see how true the bending rumours were) has directly compared the leading flagship smartphones – submitting all of them to the same (unscientifically) applied forces to see if Apple’s phones are really worse or not.

The results don’t seem so good for the iPhone 6 Plus. Other handsets (including Apple’s own iPhone 6) all stood up to the same bending tests. Some were dinged a little in the process (the HTC One M8 had its screen popped out slightly) but all the other handset survived – including the Moto X, a Nokia Lumia and the iPhone 5s.

See below to watch the tests in full: