iPhone 6s (AP) / AP

The new phone comes in new colours, has new features and comes with upgraded specs


When will the new iPhones hit the shops?


The new iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are expected to arrive in shops on Friday 25th September.

The handset is already available for pre-order on the Apple website and according to rumours it is already sold out.

If you do order online you could be facing several weeks wait.

There will be a limited number of phones released in store from 8am on Friday, but queues are expected to form long before then.


What’s new?


The new features include a pressure sensitive “3D Touch” screen and a vastly improved camera.

It also allows you to take Live Photos - meaning a second and a half before and after the image is taken will be also captured, while the option for motion wallpapers will also be available for the first time.

Beyond the new features, the phone will also be more powerful with an enhanced specs and a new processor.


What new colours will the phones come in?


As well as the regular white, grey and black, the new phone will be available in a light pink “rose” and gold.

Previously these colours had only been available in the premium Edition range, which can cost up to £13,500.


Are they still eye-wateringly expensive?

The prices are as follows:
iPhone 6S
- £539 for 16GB model
- £619 for 64GB model
- £699 for 128GB model
iPhone 6S Plus
- £619 for 16GB model
- £699 for 64GB model
- £789 for 128GB model