The Nintendo DS will get its own version of Plants vs Zombies, the garden-based defense game that has become a perennial chart success on the iPhone platform.

Different plants are used to repel attacks from a shuffling zombie onslaught, and players progress through day and nighttime levels, earning new plant types to use against the increasingly troublesome living dead.

The game is a hit variation on the popular tower defense genre, many examples of which can be played online for free, such as Cursed Treasure, GemCraft, the influential Desktop Tower Defense, and of course a trimmed version of Plants vs Zombies itself.

Within such games, waves of enemies are stopped by the careful placement of automatic defense towers throughout each level. As resources are limited, players must choose between placing more towers or upgrading existing constructions.

Targeting a January 2011 release in North America and going for $19.99, Plants vs Zombies' DS price is a fair few dollars over the $2.99 Apple version for iPhone, iPod and iPad devices - though creators PopCap are promising "new and exclusive game content" along with the original levels.

The price is at least level with the upcoming Xbox 360's retail version, due out on September 28, but it should be noted that 360 owners with access to the console's online Xbox Live Arcade service will be able to snag it for $15 instead.

There's no word as to whether the DS will be getting an equivalent and similarly cheaper digital version available from the DSiWare store, though it seems likely given PopCap's tech-savvy nature.