A game for the iPhone called Smack That Gugl has proved popular with iPhone users across North America, Europe and Australia over the last week. The free iPhone application challenges players to tap as many of the otherworldly 'Gugl' creatures as they can before the blob-like animals explode. Other popular iPhone apps around the world included voice-to-text recognition in China and a personality-based match-making quiz in Korea.

The top free iPhone applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on May 23.

01. USA
Smack That Gugl
Players of this lighthearted game, which also features a kids' mode, have to tap the blob-like 'Gugl' creatures multiplying across their screen before they explode while avoiding certain 'plauged' Gugls. Gamers can compete against friends for high scores and see how they rate on the international leader board.

02.   UK
Smack That Gugl
See 'Smack That Gugl'

03. France
Smack That Gugl
See 'Smack That Gugl'

04. Canada
Smack That Gugl
See 'Smack That Gugl'

05.  Japan
Described as "reverse karaoke," LaDiDa helps the less-than musically talented improve the sound of their singing. Users sing into the app which then tunes their voices, selects the right accompanying music and adds vocal effects.

06. Australia
Smack That Gugl
See 'Smack That Gugl'

07. Germany
AppTicker Push
Useful for bargain app hunters, AppTicker Push scours the iTunes store and informs users of cut-price applications. The app also gives users a selection of hot deals and allows them to create a 'watch list'of desired applications.

08. China
???? (lifestyle)
Loosely translated into English as 'I Fly messages' or simply 'I Fly,' this app gives users voice-to-text input capabilities. Using the phone's microphone, users can dictate their message and the app will transform speech into text which can then be sent in either SMS or email form.

09.   Italy
KungFu Food-Panda
Using their touch screen players have to 'slice' the food flying through the air in an effort to feed KungFu Panda. The game features a timed mode and allows users to share their scores via Facebook or Twitter.

10.  Korea
??????? (entertainment)
Translated loosely into English as 'Type I Test,' this application is a romantic-themed personality quiz. Users of the app have to answer 50 questions designed to determine the personality traits of their true love.

*The countries listed are those markets in which the most iOS devices have been sold worldwide. The list of top ten countries is based on AdMob's April 2010 estimate of the worldwide iOS User Distribution.