Lost for words? Let your mobile phone camera and Google Goggles put them back into your mouth.

That's the premise of Google Goggles, a mobile application that analyzes pictures, searches the web and returns information about the objects found in the photo.

People with Android-powered smartphones have been using the Google Goggles application since December, but it's taken until October 5 for Google to add the feature into the Google Mobile App for iPhone.

To use Google Goggles, users point their phone at nearby objects - a monument, landmarks, logos, book and CD covers, wine labels - and snap a photo. Google Goggles highlights the objects it recognizes then heads to the web to return relevant search results.  

The project is currently still in test phase, a "Labs product" as Google likes to call it, so while you can use Google Goggles to judge a book by its cover or discover when the landmark in front of you was made, Google says you shouldn't expect to "put on" Google Goggles and have it recognize your dog or tell you what kind of food you are eating just yet.

The free Google Mobile App for iPhone application is rolling out in App Stores around the world from October 5.