File under 'bleh', 'urgh' and 'why are we even surprised right now?'

Although gadgets like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR are promising to take virtual reality into the mainstream, there are still plenty of virtual ‘experiences’ that we hope never make it out the basements they were dreamt up in.

Exhibit a: a ‘game’ which lets users squeeze a virtual woman’s breasts who responds by squealing in disgust and covering up her chest. That’s right, the guy who made this didn’t even want to fabricate a positive sexual experience – instead he went for virtual abuse.

The set-up works like this. The user dons an Oculus Rift to enter the virtual world populated by an anime character, he can then squeeze a novelty mouse pad with foam breasts with pressure sensors inside them. This hooked up to the virtual character who reacts accordingly.

A screencap from the video showing the novelty mouse-pad and a Leap motion controller used to travck movements.

The video – first spotted by RocketNews24 and The Daily Dot - was originally uploaded to Japanese video sharing site NicoNicoDouga and is apparently just the work of an amateur tinkerer, but you’d be naïve if you thought that stuff like this wasn’t already relatively common.

As well as established pornography companies looking to digitize their wares, independent developer have already been busy creating more, um, immersive experiences – including using artificial vaginas attached to robotic arms (warning: that link is not safe for work). 

And if you thought this sort of future masturbation was a long way off, one US company already sells an attachment that lets you have sex with your iPad while remote-controlled vibrators have been around for years now. It's all leading up to this one day: