On June 28 Google Chrome launched a video featuring Justin Bieber, followed by a Chrome theme bearing the likeness of the young pop star on June 29. Since these launches, the brand has gained nearly 10,000 new Twitter followers.

The video Google Chrome: Justin Bieber features the young Canadian heartthrob tracking his rise to fame using Google Chrome tools; since being uploaded on June 28 the video has been watched over 100,000 times. 

A link below the video takes viewers to a Chrome theme featuring Justin Bieber in profile wearing a silver jacket and microphone headset; the theme was released June 29. 

Themes are backgrounds for the browser; other examples of themes include "Mariah Carey," "Vivienne Westwood" and "Porsche." 

The launch of the video and the site were broadcast via the Twitter account of Google Chrome (@googlechrome) with the hashtag #thewebiswhatyoumakeofit.

Data from social media monitoring site Fanpagelist shows that since June 28 the number of Twitter fans of Google Chrome has increased by 10,684, making it one of the brands with the biggest daily increase in followers as of 4pm GMT June 30.

While Google also began launching its social networking service Google+ on June 28, this was announced on Twitter via the official Google account ( @google) and though re-tweeted on the Chrome account was more likely to have driven traffic to the original source.

Chrome themes can be downloaded by users at: https://tools.google.com/chrome/intl/en/themes/index.html

As of Thursday, June 30, the ten biggest product brands on Twitter in terms of "followers today," according to  fanpagelist.com, were:

01. Ubersocial (social networking application)
02. YouTube
03. Add This (social networking application)
04. Google Chrome
05. Tweet Deck (Twitter application)
06.  Tinychat (video chat
07. iTunes trailers
08.  Mozilla Firefox
09. Skype
10. Twitcam (Twitter video streaming service)