There's a new trailer out detailing Killzone 3's campaign storyline, motivating players to defeat legions of space-nazis against a backdrop of blizzards accentuated by cinematic cyan and orange tones.

The conglomeration of cut-scenes brings newcomers and veterans up to speed on an interplanetary conflict between the human-staffed ISA and their masked and mutated Helghast opposition.

There are also glimpses of vehicles, weaponry, and key characters that will play a part in the PlayStation 3 title when the Mature / 18+ rated title hits retail on February 22 in North America and February 28 in European regions.

The release timing puts it toe-to-toe against the brutal Bulletstorm, which is coming out on Windows PC and Xbox 360 as well as PS3, and not too far away from the well-anticipated Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the very same - though there is a bit of breathing space before the heavyweight Crysis 2 is deployed a month later in March.

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