Konami's Tokyo line-up touts 'DanceMasters' and 'Metal Gear Solid'

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Japanese video game giant Konami has released the list of games it'll be bringing to the Tokyo Game Show, September 16-19, included in which is the new Metal Gear Solid: Rising game and the next Dance Dance Revolution game, DanceMasters.

Dance Dance Revolution was at the forefront of music and rhythm games before Rock Band or Guitar Hero cracked the mainstream market, with players dancing along to increasingly up-tempo tunes. It built up a cult following with dedicated arcade machines, home dance mats, and the occasional TV documentary such as Lord of the Dance Machine.

DanceMasters, known as Dance Evolution in Asia, is expected at retail in November, and faces stiff competition. Fellow Xbox 360 Kinect game Dance Central is also due out before the end of the year on November 4, November 9's SingStar Dance works with the PlayStation 3 Move controller, while the Wii's Just Dance sequel is due the week of October 11.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is the first game in Konami's iconic Metal Gear series to launch on a Microsoft platform - Metal Gear Solid 2 was out a year earlier on PlayStation 2 - and in this case, will be on Xbox 360 and Windows PCs as well as PlayStation 3.

The idiosyncratic series is full of secret agent espionage and, though set during conflicts of international importance, encourages players to use non-lethal means of achieving the missions, and injects serious moments with bizarre incidental humor.

Among other titles, Konami is also planning to show more of eye-searingly busy Xbox 360 shoot'em up Otomedius Excellent, Nintendo DS puzzle adventure Zack and Ombra (which bears comparison to the Professor Layton series), two Metal Fight Beyblade games, and PS3 hot property Catherine which is about one man's bid to escape his psychopathic imaginary girlfriend.

Konami's' full list of TGS titles can be seen at konami.jp/tgs.