L.A. Noire, the 1940s crime thriller from Grand Theft Auto group Rockstar Games, has its launch trailer released a week ahead of a May 17 debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

World War II veteran and rookie cop Cole Phelps (played by Mad Men's Aaron Staton) must get to grips with life as a lawman.

As he progresses up the career ladder, working in Homicide, Vice and Arson, Cole makes both friends and enemies along the way.

Colleagues test his moral boundaries and gang bosses take a personal interest in his investigative activities.

While May may not the most conventional time to release a potential blockbuster, Rockstar found great success in 2010 with Red Dead Redemption.

Several 2011 titles have moved their scheduled May release dates away from L.A. Noire. Brink was released a week early, while Duke Nukem Forever and Dungeon Siege III are among those migrating into June.

Watch the L.A. Noire launch trailer at youtube.com/watch?v=FXDwxIHobKk or on the official website, rockstargames.com/lanoire.