Let your computer create your own handwritten letters

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Pen company Pilot teamed up with Spanish advertising agency Grey to develop an online application that lets you create and send handwritten e-mails to your friends and family.

The application, which went live last month, asks users to print out a grid and fill it out with their own handwritten letters. These are then captured by webcam (or can be scanned and uploaded) and turned into a digital font that can be used to create handwritten messages.

If you feel like getting creative, see what happens when you fill in the grid with photos, images or drawings.

If you like the idea of letting your computer become your own handwriting machine, a website called Online Tech Tips provides a how-to guide that will teach you how to turn your own handwriting into a font on a Windows Tablet PC ( http://www.online-tech-tips.com/free-software-downloads/convert-handwriting-to-font/).