Together, the cameras can take much wider photos, so that the ‘ability to take group selfies without a selfie-stick has never been easier’, according to LG

LG has launched a new phone with two front-facing cameras and two screens, built for taking extra-wide selfies.

The company has added the two cameras to take photos that are up to 120-degrees wide, without any special equipment. It does so by using an algorithm to stitch the two pictures together.

That avoids the need to take extra pictures, use a selfie stick or do a panorama, during which the camera can be shaky.

“For the wide angle shot, the V10 employs a sophisticated software algorithm to combine images from the two separate lenses which are just far enough apart to provide two different points of view,” LG said in a statement. “The ability to take group selfies without a selfie-stick has never been easier.”

The phone can also use Multi-view Recording — taking videos with all three of the cameras and then letting people choose which of the three they want to use.

And they can be viewed on one of the two screens. Above the normal one is a Second Screen — a little thin display that can be set to be always on and show information like the weather or time, or be used for opening apps, without using up too much battery.

LG has apparently made selfie technology a central part of its business line. For instance, its current flagship handset the LG G4 has a special mode that allows users to begin selfies with hand gestures and similar controls — allowing for the taking of selfies from a distance: