Machine-gunned melons, robot tennis, Zidane's skills and other viral videos of the week

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Images of a YouTube regular machine-gunning watermelons, two flying robots playing tennis and Zidane showing off his skills were among the top viral videos on YouTube from March 28 through April 1.


On Monday, March 28, a video titled " Zlatan Ibrahimovic prende a calci Christian Wilhelmsson in ritiro con la Svezia," showing Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic kicking teammate Christian Wilhelmsson while joking around in training, attracted 260,187 within a mere 19 hours after it was uploaded.

The viral video for Tuesday was also football related. Titled " Zidane The Greatest Player Ever Destroying A Goalkeeper," the video shows French former footballer Zinedine Zidane taking the ball around a hapless goalkeeper several times before putting it in the back of the net. Uploaded March 23, the video had attracted over five million views by Tuesday, March 29.

A video of two flying robots bouncing a ball back and forth attracted over 350,000 views in two days and was featured on several tech and social media blogs, making it a viral video on March 30.  The robots in the video, " Quadrocopter Ball Juggling," are known as quadrocopters due to their four vertically mounted rotor blades. The machines were not controlled by people but rather computers and a motion sensor.

YouTube regular FSPRussia uploaded a video on March 29 called " Dual Wielding MI6's," showing him shooting at several targets, including watermelons and a steel pipe, with army issue M16 machine guns. By Thursday, March 31, the video had gone viral, gaining nearly one and a half million views.

On April 1, Katy Perry's new music video titled " Katy Perry E.T. ft. Kanye West" earned viral-video status. The clip first hit the internet on Thursday, March 31, and by 1pm GMT had attracted 1,605,966 views. The futuristic song features Katy Perry and Kanye West floating in outerspace, interspersed with clips of exotic wildlife.

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