What are the chances of Nintendo mascot Mario getting a grimy gangster makeover? Not that high - unless you've got a heavily modified version of Grand Theft Auto IV and YouTube celeb Ray William Johnson voicing two of your main characters.

Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country is a follow up to 2010's initial escapade into the dark and gloomy world of Super Mario World's gangland warfare, shot in the style of a movie trailer.

The four-minute short charts high among Youtube's most-viewed gaming videos of the week ending April 7.

On Chinese site Youku there's a new episode of I'm MT, set within World of Warcraft and with subtitles in both English and Chinese, while an entry to the Console Wars series crowns Japan's Nicovideo ranking.

Most-viewed gaming videos for the week ending April 7:

YouTube's most viewed (all-time views)
1) Lee Sin, the Blind Monk - League of Legends character (1,014,382)
2) Brothers Mario 2: Kong Country (857,130)
3) Minecraft: Wolves and Cookies! (835,270)

Nicovideo's most viewed (requires free registration)
1) ' Advance (Console) Wars 3' (517,131)
2) ' Worst portable game of the year' (388,103)
3) ' Furious father breaks internet quiz' (224,120)

Youku's most popular
1) I'm MT Season 4 Episode 3 (854,868)
2) DOTA Tutorial: Haitao and Longdd (788,236)
3) DOTA: Super-clear class improvement guide (492,344)