Mexican wrestling complete with colorful masks, clownish outfits and theatrical acrobatic combat is bursting into the US videogame arena.

"Lucha Libre; Heroes del Ring" took on mixed martial arts, boxing, and US professional wrestling titles in a debut at the Electronic Entertainment Expo that ended Thursday in Los Angeles.

Crowds flocked to a full-sized fighting ring to see real-life matches between Mexican wrestling AAA league "luchadores" who are featured in the videogame, which will be released August 10 by publisher Slang.

The game's makers promise "an evolved and unique gaming experience which is more acrobatic and fast-paced than those of existing wrestling franchises."

Players can chose between good guys, referred to as "Technicos," and nasty characters, called "Rudos."

Characters in the game get to taunt and humiliate opponents to become popular contenders with the virtual crowds and thereby unlock more flamboyant and deadly moves to use in fights.

"Matches will take place in the same arenas used by the AAA, as well as, locations which are representative of the Mexican culture and Lucha Libre legend," according to the game makers.

Lucha libre, Spanish for "free fighting," is known for leaping aerial stunts and combatants wearing flashy masks that cover their entire heads.