Michael Jackson character withdrawn from popular iPhone game

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The King of Pop will no longer grace the screen of hit video game Plants vs. Zombies, after the estate of Michael Jackson raised concerns with game makers PopCap.

The game is a successful twist on the 'tower defense' genre, with players sewing sunflowers, peas, potatoes and nuts which come to life and fend off approaching hordes of zombies.

Noted for its accessibility, depth, and humor, Plants vs. Zombies even featured a special dancing zombie, leading a cohort of fellow undead in a disjointed march.

The overt reference to Michael Jackson's persona in the "Thriller" music video proved too much, replete as it was with red jacket and trousers, white socks, and jerky walk.

Plants vs. Zombies was one of PopCap's breakout hits, just like the compulsive Peggle, and soon became one of the most ubiquitous iPhone games like Bejeweled 2, Canabalt, Doodle Jump, Angry Birds and Flight Control.