'Michael Jackson: The Experience' launch trailer shows moonwalking moves

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Ubisoft is celebrating the debut of Michael Jackson: The Experience on Nintendo Wii with a trailer that mixes gameplay with some of the singer's most memorable performances.

Footage from Moonwalker, Thriller, Black or White and the Dangerous World Tour can be seen alongside clips from the game that show how, as in the Just Dance series, players can copy on-screen dancers with famous Jackson struts and sways.

From a soundtrack of over 25 songs, it's "Beat It," "Billie Jean," "Black or White" and "Smooth Criminal" that make it into the game's launch trailer.

Like Just Dance, players hold one of the Wii's remote controllers, which is used to track their movements, and in common with Dance Central and SingStar Dance, Michael Jackson: The Experience awards points to show how well those actions are imitated.

While the Wii game is now available, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions are to come in January 2011, and will be able to follow not only players' dance moves but also their karaoke skills.

Michael Jackson: The Experience launch trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oCq1JX-9j4