Microsoft to announce Kinect camera controller price in August

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While Sony revealed the pricing for their PlayStation Move motion controllers at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 15, Microsoft will be announcing the retail price for the Xbox 360's new Kinect controller at Germany's Gamescom show, August 18-22.

Microsoft Germany's Manager for Entertainment & Devices, Oliver Kaltner, told that delaying an announcement until the Cologne event means they can concentrate on communicating the "access to fun, family entertainment and social entertainment" that Kinect offers.

The Kinect device uses a camera with integrated audio- and motion-sensing technology to allow people to play games without needing to pick up a controller. Microsoft used it at E3 to show off dancing and keep-fit games that it believes will prove popular.

Though company spokespersons are declining to name a price point for the device, Amazon USA are listing Kinect at $149.99, and various European retailers have been estimating between €155 and €175.

By way of contrast, purchasing a Starter Kit, game, and extra controller for the Sony PlayStation 3's equivalent Move system will total $149.98 / €139.97.

The PlayStation Eye camera (€39.99 / $39.99) is already on the market, and it works in conjunction with Move Controllers (€39.99 / $49.99 each) to track players' movements.

The Starter Kit comprises the Eye and Move Controller for €59.99 / $99.99. The North American version includes a game worth $39.99.

There is an additional Navigation Controller (€29.99 / $29.99), though its functions duplicate those on a traditional PlayStation 3 control pad and is therefore non-essential.

The Kinect is a hands-free device, meaning that multiplayer games do not require additional hardware purchases.

The PlayStation Move is out in Europe on September 15, North America on September 19, and Japan on October 21. The Kinect for Xbox 360 has a North American release date of November 4, and is expected to be on sale in Europe shortly after.