Data released July 1 by internet trend monitoring site Net Market Share reveals that mobile and tablet platforms account for 5 percent of all internet browsing around the world. 

The data was collected by Net Market Share from a network of 40,000 global websites tracking 160 million unique visits per month by internet users around the world.

Browsing the internet from mobile devices, including all iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java ME systems, reached 5 percent of internet browsing in June 2011; this represents growth of 100 percent since August 2010 when mobile devices accounted for around 2.5 percent of all internet usage. In the US, 8.2 percent of all web browsing occurs on a mobile device.

The data from Net Market Share also revealed the breakdown of browsing by device in the United States; Apple's iPhone was found to be the most popular followed by Android devices, then iPad and BlackBerry in fourth and fifth position.

According to Net Market Share, the breakdown of browsing by devices in the USA is as follows

Device type

U.S. Browsing share











Java ME


Windows Mobile


Whereas the iPhone and iPad are devices running iOS, Android covers a variety of devices by manufacturers including Samsung and HTC, BlackBerry refers only to RIM devices, Symbian is maintained by Nokia, Java ME is licensed across a number of mobile companies and Windows Mobile is owned and developed by Microsoft and implemented across a number of manufacturers and carriers.  

The competition between Apple's closed iOS system and Google's open source Android heated up recently with the news that the Android-based Samsung Galaxy II has sold over 3 million units since its launch in April and is one of the most popular products on the market. Samsung is currently embroiled in a series of lawsuits with Apple over patent infringements.

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