Musician Moby received an electric shock while performing in Amsterdam on May 31. Though the incident happened over a week ago, it is only over the last few days that it has gone viral on YouTube. 

The musician was due to perform at the Reflex Gallery in Amsterdam on May 31 as part of an exhibition dedicated to the release of photography book Destroyed, a behind-the-scenes look at touring that features 55 images taken by Moby.

Just as Moby was due to begin his performance he received an electrical shock off a nearby piece of equipment. The shock caused Moby to collapse to the floor, leaving the crowd unsure how to react, before a member of Moby's entourage took to the stage and explained that the situation is real.

Moby then returned to the stage and began playing; however, according to reports, the artist only played a few songs before leaving. He later tweeted about his experience, joking that he had received "accidental electric shock treatment."

A video of the event shot by a member of the audience and titled " Moby électocuté (éléctrisé) durant son show- Moby: electric shock during a concert.flv" was uploaded to YouTube on June 6 and as of June 8 had attracted nearly 270,000 views.

As of June 8 the video is ranked 18th in YouTube's most watched today charts, and over the last two days it has received coverage in blogs such as Ology, Stereogum and Gizmodo.

The full video can be watched at: