'Mr. Giggle' and TV-streaming top iPad apps

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The lite version of the popular 'block' game called Mr. Giggle was one of the most downloaded free iPad applications in the UK, Canada and Australia over the seven days prior to July 11. Players of Mr. Giggle have to match blocks of the same color together to form rows or columns within a time limit. TV streaming applications were also popular in Germany and Korea with Zattoo Live and Olleh TV being the most downloaded apps in each respective country. The top free iPad applications by country* for the week, by number of downloads, recorded on July 11 can be found below.

01. USA 
Racing Penguin, Flying Free (games) 
Users of this app play as a penguin trying to escape the jaws of a polar bear; the penguin has to escape as fast as he can, building up speed by sliding down inclines and attempting to fly. 

02. UK
Mr. Giggle HD Lite
Players of this block puzzle game have to align as many squares of the same color in the fastest possible time: the more blocks of one color formed into rows the higher the player's score.

03. France
Chaine Meteo
This French-language iPad application provides users with all the information on the weather across France, Europe and other countries around the world. The application also provides in-depth information regarding the weather in tourist hotspots such as beaches.

04. Canada
Mr. Giggle HD Lite
See 'Mr. Giggle HD Lite.'

05. Japan
Cave Bowling
This prehistoric-themed game offers ten-pin bowling with a twist - instead of conventional bowling alleys players use 'natural' features and can bounce the ball off a number of objects to try and get a 'strike.'

06. Australia
Mr. Giggle HD Lite
See 'Mr. Giggle HD Lite'.

07. Germany
This live TV-streaming application claims to provide users with content from over 40 German and international  channels, including ARD, ZDF, Sport, France 24 and CNN international. In order to watch these programs, either online or via Zattoo's website, users must pay to subscribe to the service.

08. China
Run, Run, Chicken for iPad
Players of this game have to help the chicken cross gaps in its path by making it flap its wings and fly - if only for a short period of time. Users can improve the performance of their chicken by collecting 'power ups' en route.

09. Italy
This application, which translates intp English as 'Digital Photography Course', provides users with 150 video tutorials and over 100 teaching cards covering numerous aspects of photography and editing.

10. Korea
Olleh TV Now for iPad
This TV-streaming application from Korean media group Olleh gives users access to free channels and VOD services. Users of the application can also stream and switch multiple channels at the same time.