Nasa spacesuits - now with go faster stripes! / NASA

Suits take inspiration from bioluminescence and future fashion

Nasa has developed its latest Z-series spacesuit the Z-2, and while they presumably have the science aspects on lock, the agency has turned to the public for help with the suit's aesthetics.

Building on the Z-1 spacesuit prototype, which was named one of Time Magazine's Best Inventions of 2012, the Z-2 has various improvements including the quality of the upper torso and its impact resistance, with some elements of the suit being created using 3D printing hardware.

Three designs have been mocked up but only one will go into production following a vote, with the intention being for it to be used for testing at a rocky Martian surface analog site at the Johnson Space Center.

Here are the choices:

1. 'Trends in Society'

'Trends in Society' (Picture: Nasa)

Nasa says: "Trends in Society is based off of just that: being reflective of what every day clothes may look like in the not too distant future. This suit uses electroluminescent wire and a bright color scheme to mimic the appearance of sportswear and the emerging world of wearable technologies."

What they mean:  "The hipster astronaut is here, guys."

What it looks like: An upended Bullet Bill dressed for a rave

2. 'Technology'

'Technology' (Picture: Nasa)

Nasa says: "Technology pays homage to spacesuit achievements of the past while incorporating subtle elements of the future. By using Luminex wire and light-emitting patches, this design puts a new spin on spacewalking standards such as ways to identify crew members."

What they mean: "Glowing lights looked sooooo cool in Tron."

What it looks like: The scuba outfit on an upcoming alien first person shooter on Xbox One

3. 'Biomimicry'

Biomimicry (Picture: Nasa)

Nasa says:  "The Biomimicry design draws from an environment with many parallels to the harshness of space: the world's oceans. Mirroring the bioluminescent qualities of aquatic creatures found at incredible depths, and the scaly skin of fish and reptiles found across the globe, this design reflects the qualities that protect some of Earth's toughest creatures.

What they mean: "Fish suit!"

What it looks like: A fish suit