Nearly one in five internet users worldwide visited Amazon in June

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A new report released August 17 by digital analysts Comscore found that, throughout the month of June, nearly one in five internet users globally visited Amazon sites.

The report by Comscore into global retail and auction sites found that and its related regional subsidiaries recieved 282 million visitors, equivalent to 20.4 percent of the worldwide internet population's site visits throughout June.

Visitors to Amazon's sites were spread relatively evenly across the globe, with North America accounting for 35.4 percent of visitors, Europe 31.8 percent and the Asia Pacific region 24.1 percent.

In terms of visitor numbers and global reach, Amazon was followed by eBay, which received 223.5 million visitors or 16.2 percent of the worldwide internet audience across the same period.

The survey only accounted for users aged over 15 years accessing the internet from a home or work computer.