Platinum Games has revealed a seventh character for the late 2011 multiplayer brawler Anarchy Reigns. Burly bookworm Nikolai puts his learning to use in the arena with a pair of electrified gauntlets.

Anarchy Reigns, an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 title, is due for release sometime between September and November 2011.

Publisher SEGA has been coy about nailing down a more precise timing during what will be an increasingly busy retail period.

Platinum Games is known for the pad-pummeling Bayonetta, the over-the-top, satirical shooter Vanquish, and one of the Wii's most violent titles, MadWorld.

Four of the seven known Anarchy Reigns characters also made appearances in MadWorld.

Platinum co-founder Shinji Mikami ( Resident Evil series) has since left to produce June's Shadows of the Damned and set up Bethesda's Tango Gameworks studio.

Watch the Nikolai trailer at or Anarchy Reigns' official site,