Battlefield 3's latest trailer shows action below and above ground in Paris, while an official blog post outlines some of the game's social features.

Knowing that footage from the Battlefield 3 beta test was bound to leak (and indeed already has), the team at DICE put together a highlights reel of their own.

Infantry and armored vehicles swarm metro stations, streets and parks as the front line moves from moment to moment.

In terms of social networking, the web-based Battlefeed mashes Twitter- and Facebook-style updates, allowing players to keep up with and comment on each others' exploits.

There's also the customary statistics session, tracking performance and progress made throughout the game's online multiplayer.

Spokespersons for the game are keen to point out that the Battlelog's services will remain entirely free - unlike the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 equivalent, which has an optional paid component.

Whether Battlefield 3 can offer up the tournaments and prizes that Call of Duty Elite has promised remains to be seen.

Battlefield 3 will be on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 the week of October 25.

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