New lens will turn your digital camera into a 3D camera

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Panasonic is throttling forward with its plan to bring 3D technology to the everyday consumer. The company is currently developing the world's first interchangeable 3D lens, a twin-lens that enables consumers to capture 3D images and video with a standard interchangeable lens camera.

"This year will be remembered as the 'First Year of 3D Era' and Panasonic has already taken the lead by launching 3D-capable VIERA(TM) televisions and Blu-ray(TM) 3D Disc Players," said Darin Pepple, senior product manager, Imaging, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company in a July 28 press release.

"With Panasonic's development of a twin-lens capable of 3D shooting, the company is providing consumers with a way to capture their own 3D content, which they can then enjoy watching in the comforts of their own home."

Designed to work with Panasonic's Lumix G Micro System cameras, the compact lens lets you capture landscapes, people, close-ups and even moving objects in 3D without distortion or left-to-right image time lag.

While consumers have been relatively slow to invest in 3D TVs in the home so far, the steady release of consumer-ready 3D content creation products is set to drive 3D TV sales in the coming years.

Digital camera company DXG is also investing in consumer 3D technology. On July 27 the company unveiled the world's first 3D pocket camcorder and 3D media player. The $599.99 bundle puts 3D content creation into the hands and pockets of consumers.

The DXG 3D pocket camcorder and the 7 inch LCD display DXG 3D Media Player can be pre-ordered from now, with shipping starting in August.

The interchangeable 3D lens for Lumix G Micro System will go on sale before the end of 2010. No prices have been announced.