New Mario trailer as Nintendo prepares for launch

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Nintendo has released a batch of new Super Mario Galaxy 2 trailers in the lead-up to the game's North American release on May 23 and, later, the European launch on June 11.

All the hallmarks of a Super Mario Galaxy game are there - jumping from platform to platform across distinctively colorful planets, collection of the coins, gems and lost stars that are all part of Mario's quest to undo his nemesis's plans.

The trailers introduce a new costume for Mario to wear, called a Cloud Suit, by means of which three little clouds follow the plumber around and can expand into solid platforms for Mario to use, allowing him to get at goodies that would have been too high for him.

There's also an overhaul to the two-player mode. In the first Super Mario Galaxy, released in November 2007, two players could help each other out, with one controlling Mario as usual, and the second able to hold enemies at bay and collect extra points.

This time, though Mario is still the central character, a second player can take charge of one of the game's cute star-shaped companions known as a 'Luma', and have a much greater role to play in providing assistance to the moustachioed hero.

Just like New Super Mario Bros. Wii, there's also a special assistance mode for players that are in need of a hand.

Several other trailers are also being released, teasing further details about Mario's new move, flinging a special spinning top to dig down towards buried treasure or nip at enemies, and a new Blimp Fruit item that gives Mario's trusty dinosaur steed, Yoshi, the ability to float like a hot air balloon.

Further trailers showing another of Mario's new suits, the Rock Suit, are expected to be released as part of the build-up to the game's release.

Links: The Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Cloud Suit trailer is at Nintendo's YouTube channel,
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